I am beside myself with joy as I integrate the healing exchange that just took place at Elite Health and Fitness with Nina Simone.  This woman is an AUMAZING crystal/mineral and Reiki healer; sharing her gifts in a pure and deeply connected way. I am so inspired by her way and her walk in grace. What glorious reflections we share in this community. We are so supported here. I am thrilled to imagine and prepare myself for the time and space where we are all coming together daily to share in the magic and blessings that beam from our hearts. My gifts are your gifts. My victories are your victories. We have arrived. We are the ones we've been waiting for; wait no more.

Samantha S.

Nina is the real deal! I had a crystal healing session with Nina and was very pleased with her intuitive abilities. She was on time, very informative, and stayed on schedule with our appointment. I met her through Elite Health and Fitness, an amazing center for other healing modalities, which was amazing! She is doing a crystal grid of my house this weekend, I'll come back and let you know how that goes.

Andre T.

Nina is awesome! I had the pleasure of having a intuitive and sound healing/ cosmic bath session with Nina. It was amazing to receive. Nina is extremely talented in letting her intuition guide her process so it was unique to me and my experience. She was also able to see in my body what was inflamed and was able to tell me how to support my body to reduce the inflammation. Nina is great at what she does. She allows you to feel safe and seen. I walked away so empowered with tools to help me continue on my healing journey. Thank you Nina!!

Evanye L.

​We put stones, metals, oils, herbs and prayers underneath our concrete slab to create something called an Orgonite field. Now that our dome shell is up, the energy that is already being created on our land is magic! .... [Three] hawks live and fly around calling to each other, a grove of daffodils suddenly popped up even though the land has been torn up all around that area, animals and critters and unseen energies and deities all around us. So grateful. And the woman who supported us in creating this field of life under our slab is my dear friend, Nina Simone (yes, that's her real name) :) She's a brilliant woman so tuned in to the energies of stones and so much more!!!

Terra B.

Nina, I was at your Cacao ceremony last Sunday. It was absolutely an awesome and beautiful experience!!! I would recommend to anyone who is interested in ceremonies to attend. Thank you for sharing your sweet and deep gifts, skills, and talents for healing. And kudos to Samantha and her inspired angelic music.

Lucy B.

I just want to say, you are far more than a crystal healer. I'm not even sure how to describe or define your healing. I do know it's ancient and powerful. I awed. Xxx.

Jacqueline R.

Nina is a great teacher/healer, she seems to know instinctively on problems and potential problems in the body and zooms in for a re-balancing to create a state of homeostasis. Her healing sessions have helped me relieve stress and restore my energy level on the physical aspect. Since I am no longer depleted of energy after her sessions, I can now focus more on my spiritual development with my energy fields flowing as they should. Important work can now be done. Nina is caring and empathetic. She will help you solve your problems and help you heal yourself.

Rosa R.

Nina is extremely gifted. Each session offers a new perspective. I am currently going through massive changes and Nina has helped me navigate through this transformation. Little by little she is showing me the gifts within me. I am very grateful for the work we are doing together. She is working with friends of mine that I love very much and they have all had extremely positive experiences. I would encourage anyone considering/already doing this kind of work to schedule a session. She has a huge heart, a beautiful soul, and she will show you doorways you didn't know were right in front of you. Thank you Nina!!

Michael P.

I was just thinking about you as a Reiki intuitive and how fact of that first session with you was for me. Haven't had a chronically closed throat chakra. The last three years all energy work has been focused in that area. Since my session with you the clearing is natural and I move through feelings as they dictate. My feelings are fluid and not stuck.

Shannon W.

Nina, I just want to acknowledge your healing light which has brightened my life in the past month. I appreciate your friendship along with your devotion in educating me on my spiritual path. I admire your essence to be humbling in your practices. I feel lighter after you carefully worked on my spirit with such intent. You were able to connect with my spirit guides during our session(huge impact on me). I know you put love, light and compassion with everything you do! Thank you for encouraging me through this difficult time in my life. I love you beautiful Nina💚 Infinitely grateful for You

Massiel O.

♡ Nina is amazing! I feel more and more aligned with every session I have with her. She is capable of doing some very deep work. I make an hour drive to attend sessions and it is most definitely worth every visit. After the first time... you'll want to keep coming back! ☆ Thank you so much, Nina!!!

Breanne J.

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