Special Offerings

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Sacred Cacao Ceremonies

A Cacao Ceremony is a marriage ceremony to yourself, and relationship healer, as it harmonizes the masculine and feminine energies within the body. This heart-opening ceremony restores balance within the physical and subtle bodies, and as our hearts open, we become more aware of our innate treasures and gifts. Participants will be invited to call forth their own creative energies to embody their own experience as we journey deep into our heartspaces, with this Sacred Earth heart medicine. Journeying with Cacao brings us to the first gate of consciousness and puts us on the path to greater Self discovery!

​This unique ceremony is the perfect addition or touch for blessing a new space, home or office, weddings, retreats and other special events! Gatherings can be 1-on-1, couples, families, large or intimate.

​Minimum of 9 participants required for larger gatherings.

$65 Deposit

Home or Office Transcoding

Program your space like a crystal. For more information, inquire within.

$225 +

Ley Line Earth Healing + Home Blessings

This session will include an initial consultation to determine the intention for your home, land, or space. Upon arrival at the space, I will incorporate the use of crystal energies, aromatic herbs, and intuition to nurture balance and restore the flow of energy as intended for your space or home.

$250 + Varied Based on Square Footage/bedrooms

Other Ceremonies

For other ceremonial offerings, please contact us. Other ceremonies that are offered but not limited to Weddings, Sacred Unions,  Blessingways, Baby blessings, Dream Journeying, etc.

$65-$100 deposit

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