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Wavespell 4: Yellow Magnetic Sun - Ahau

5/7/2020- Kin 39- Blue Cosmic Storm- GAP (Galactic Activation Portal Day)

Greetings Galactic Beings!

Welcome aboard to Timeship Earth, as a galactic guide I am here to help others re-align to their original attunement with natural time 13:20. With the awareness of the rhythms of the universe, we can flow together in synchronic time aka the electricity of synchronicity!

On 5/8/2020 - Kin 40- We initiate into a new 13 day cycle or trecena, The Yellow Magnetic Sun ending with the Yellow Cosmic Human. During this phase, we are asked to step into our radiance, our power and become the alchemist of our lives. Previously, with the magic of the Blue hand we added beauty to our intentions, while being of service to our communities. After tending to the first round of work, this cycle ends with the beautiful catalyzing energy of the Blue Cosmic Storm. This Plutonian ruled archetype, brings the energy of transformation, as we align with a Galactic Activation Portal day. It truly is a day of transcendence, purging, release and movement. A perfect storm. In Western Astrology this aligns perfectly with the energy of the Scorpio Full Moon of May 2020. After the Blue Cosmic storm, comes the Yellow Magnetic Sun. Shine your light, mighty transformer of Cosmic Love. To not do so, creates a void, and denies existence within the galactic fabric by which you are inevitably sewn into and committed to, the necessary resources that are needed to flow. Your radiance is needed to thrive, assume your galactic role and step up! The Sun is the bringer of life/death. For the next 13 days, fully ripen into the realization of the fact you are indeed, an enlightened being. Embody your solar consciousness and be a representative of unconditional love of the unified whole. Step into your power and shine. At the end of this cycle, the energies have a created the perfect opportunity for you to shift octaves into the highest expression of the Yellow Human, Eb of the Cosmic tone. Our vessels have increased for a greater capacity of higher power, and abundance as we create our philosopher's stones. As always, we are graced yet again with 13 days of opportunity to do something new or continue to fuel our conscious reality. Remember, you are the co-creator of your reality!

Here is my offering, my gift to you, 13 prompts to journal daily. Use them as your own, or be inspired and create your own. During this wavespell of ripening, watch the magic continue to unfold in your life.

Day 1: Yellow Magnetic Sun- Kin 40- What energy are you bringing forth in this new cycle that truly represents you and your heart's core desire? What is the transformation you seek?

Day 2: Red Lunar Dragon- Kin 41- What parts of your life seem the most unsteady, whats the illusion? How can you create more trust and nourish this part as you move through this space?

Day 3: White Electric Wind- Kin 42- Learn to communicate your needs, what needs to die to create space for new life?

Day 4: Blue Self-existing Night- Kin 43- GAP Day- What type of structure are you creating to bring physical form to your dreams?

Day 5: Yellow Overtone Seed- Kin 44- What thoughts are you seeding into your mind-soil, does it support your intention of transformation?

Day 6: Red Rhythmic Serpent- Kin 45- Bringing balance to chaos, how are you utlizing your lifeforce to propel you forward?

Day 7: White Resonant Worldbridger- Kin 46- Time to equalize, a day of sacrifice for something greater? Ask your heart.

Day 8: Blue Galactic Hand- Kin 47- What magic are you creating today? How does it expand awareness?

Day 9: Yellow Solar Star- Kin 48- You are a portal to the stars from which Pleiades, Sirius, and beyond emanate, what are you allowing to flower or blossom from you?

Day 10: Red Planetary Moon- Kin 49- What communications are you wanting to establish today?

Day 11: White Spectral Dog- Kin 50- GAP (Galactic Activation Portal Day) Dropping into the heart space, how can you expand more to serve your community and self?

Day 12: Blue Crystal Monkey- Kin 51- GAP (Galactic Activation Portal Day)

Today is a day to generate abundance through love and play, trust in the flow, can you rest and play?

Day 13: Yellow Cosmic Human- Kin 52- Now that you have upgraded, can you empty your cup, once again to learn for the next cycle?

This cycle representing the radiance and ripening, next cycle is movement and shifting of realities with the Red Magnetic Skywalker...

Learning about the 13 moon cycles can be so exciting and yet sometimes an information overload! If you need further assistance with this process, as always you can schedule a Galactic Signature session with me, I will be delighted to help you get situated so that you can align with your most prosperous synchronistic rhythms!

In Lak'ech!


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