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Wavespell 3: Blue Magnetic Hand

4/24/2020 - Kin 26- White Cosmic Worldbridger

Greetings Galactic Beings!

For those of you joining me on this beautiful journey, we are aligning to the natural flow of time. Step by step, learning how to cultivate and create intentional beauty in our lives! As we take the initiative of shifting from being the puppet to puppeteer, life no longer happens to us, but FOR us! <3 On 4/25/2020 - Kin 27- We initiate into a new 13 day cycle, The Blue Magnetic Hand ending with the Blue Cosmic Storm. During this phase, we have the opportunity to tend to the seedlings that were planted in the last phase of White Magnetic Wizard. We have 13 days of opportunity to do something new or fuel a good cause. Its up to you!

During the Blue Magnetic Hand Wavespell, thoughts to ponder, what beauty are you cultivating in this 13 day wavespell? This is an opportunity to dig into your reality, YOUR cosmic matrix, to check on the seeds that have been planted. Before we fully open and activate the portals, understand we are in a phase of beautification of our offerings. Our offering must be analyzed, stripped, cleansed, and sanitized for the next phase, like prep for your beauty regimen. We are building a masterpiece, whats the plan or idea to set forth? It is important we become deliberately clear on our intentions of what image we are curating. Having this understanding allows us to pour a foundation for which we can begin to receive raw material to work with. Surrendering to the flow, the hands and heart now work in tandem to create beauty of divine expression into reality. At the end of this cycle, we shall have our first polished pearl or base model template of which we will be operating. In the previous wavespell, we received the codes for programming our intentions. Now we get to edit and customize our reality. Conscious building is the way to create the reality of your heart's desires!

Good News! I have created 13 Prompts that you are welcome to use for your journaling experience! Based on the 13 Solar Seals and Lunar tones specific to this cycle, everyday journal and see how magic unfolds in your reality

  1. Blue Magnetic Hand: What beauty are you cultivating from the seeds planted in the last cycle? Or What beauty do you intend to create in this cycle?

  2. Yellow Lunar Star: Where is the dissonance, where there should be harmony? How can you shine brighter?

  3. Red Electric Moon: Check-in! What signal are you sending out? What signal do you intend to send out? Be intentional!

  4. White Self- existing Dog: Are you leading from the heart or head, What is your message of love that you are sending out as a leader?

  5. Blue Overtone Monkey: Are you taking yourself too seriously? Where can you lighten up to release the heaviness in life?

  6. Yellow Rhythmic Human: Today we put in the work, what needs more loving in your life?

  7. Red Resonant Skywalker: Bridging heaven to Earth, What big feat are you planning to tackle today?

  8. White Galactic Wizard: What magic are you bringing forth today? More importantly, what foundation have you poured for magic to land?

  9. Blue Solar Eagle: Looking ahead, do you have everything you need resource wise to complete a task or project cycle smoothly?

  10. Yellow Planetary Warrior: What are you communicating with the Divine and what inspirations are you allowing to filter through?

  11. Red Spectral Earth: What in your garden needs to be weeded out, check in with your earth, what can allow for the flow of greater harmony?

  12. White Crystal Mirror: A Day of reflection and honesty, how can you be of greater service , where you have once withheld? (Community service without expectation)

  13. Blue Cosmic Storm: - A Galactic Activation Portal Day! - What transformations have you witnessed?

As this cycle ends, a new cycle begins! Everyday is an opportunity to do something powerful. We get to choose the depth of which we would like to operate. We will be entering the Yellow Magnetic Sun. Bringing forth a ripening energy! Subscribe to my blog to learn about the upcoming cycle and how you can best harness its energy!

If you need further assistance with this process, as always you can schedule a Galactic Signature session with me, I will be delighted to help you get situated so that you can align with your most prosperous synchronistic rhythms!

In Lak'ech!



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