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Welcome to Realm of Crystal Sun Healing

Where all things magical exist and Thrive!

The mission of Crystal Sun Healing is to offer a bright light for those on their path to ascension and discovery of their own innate gifts! Our paths usually align when there is a great opportunity for transformation or shift. Nothing is by accident, but rather aligned synchronicity! Your higher self is your compass and guide, trust you are right where were intended to be according to divine design!

Nina Simone is a Medicine Woman, Toltec Shaman, Crystal Healer, Herbalist, Medium, Tantra Yoga teacher, Ordained Minister, etc... aaand all of those titles can be read about in her bio... Here if you'd like to learn about how I was struck by lightning multiple times... watch my video posted above!

Long story short, Nina Simone is a Cosmic Midwife, here to assist you on your spiritual journey! Here we talk about all things Crystals, Cacao, Ceremony, Shamanism, Plant Medicine, Galactic Awareness, Starseed lineages, and living a vibrant holistic life! Holding Space to remove the blocks so you can connect the dots! I offer readings, private healing sessions, group gatherings, meditations and ceremonies... Let's connect! Send me a message! I look forward to our co-creation!

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