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Intro to the 13 moon cycle

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There are natural cycles that Life follows, it goes according to the Solar, lunar, and planetary cycles in our galaxy. This natural cycle is known as 13:20. Having knowledge of these cycles as our souls travel throughout the Cosmos, made it possible to navigate life without being completely lost in time. We literally live cycles within cycles. The Mayans were excellent at keeping track of these cycles. The Mayans were also known as Galactic scouts that traveled the universe and using star maps to chart their locations. Here on Earth, we have been given a beautiful system to allow our lives to be in synchronicity with the natural rhythms of the universe. Simply put, before the Gregorian Calendar was set into motion, most civilizations followed a 13 moon calendar of 28 days each Month system. To read more about the history of this :

I have been studying this system for about 3-4 years and more seriously in the recent year. I took the BIG dive on Day out of time July 25, 2019, Year of the White Magnetic Wizard. I experienced a huge quantum shift, activation and awakening to an ancient system that aligned so well with who I am at my core. I began to share more about the 13 Moon Calendar and Galactic Signatures. However, there is so much to learn, I share my experiences and the information I have integrated. My soul asked how to align to the natural rhythms of life and live in synchronicity with the universe. In response, I received nonstop downloads on how to align and apply some of the basic ideas to enrich my life. Fast Forward to today, 260 days + 8, I am now creating this blog. I am also giving Mayan Oracle readings for helping others understand their galactic signature and all of the elements within their fifth force.

Mystical Disclaimer: This is a wondrous Rabbit hole that will change your life and perspective. The knowledge available is rich. I do not claim rights to any of this information and this blog is for educational purposes only. Here are a few sites from which I have sourced most of my information outside of my personal meditations:

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