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Every Day is an opportunity + 13 Prompts

Kin 21 - Red Galactic Dragon - April 19, 2020

Everyday is an opportunity to do something amazing with your life!

In my previous blog, I mentioned I experienced quantum shift after Day out of Time into the Year of the White Magnetic Wizard. I received instructions from my guides to do a 13 day Challenge at the beginning of the Wavespell, White Magnetic Wizard. Everyday, I journalled about one thing, a theme an intention, intuiting into the energy of the day, based on the Solar Seal and Lunar Tone. Because I chose to set this intention at the beginning of the Galactic New Year, it set the tone for the following 260 days.

Keep in mind, "Everyday is a galactic gateway! " We have 260 galactic gateways or 20- 13 day cycles.

Here is a simple math breakdown of some of the basic cycles I am focusing on...

  • 13 day cycles are called Wavespells.

  • 4 Wavespells create a Castle (like a season) or 52 days.

  • 5 Castles (52 day cycles) = 260 days

  • 260 is a fractal of the 26,000 day solar cycle, the Earth takes around the sun. 260 days is called a Tzolkin or Galactic Spin.

Setting intentions for 13 days, 3 times a year will create POWERFUL shift in your reality! When you learn the cycles:

  1. At the beginning of the Galactic New Year

  2. On your Galactic Birthday Wavespell

  3. At the beginning of the next 260 day cycle.

The 13 Moon, 28 day Calendar overlaps the 365 +1 Cycle with the Tzolkin Calendar. It will help you to have a Galactic guide, Day (Kin) Keeper, or your own Galactic Calendar to keep Track of these cycles...

ARE YOU STILL with me? The Good news is... I am a Galactic guide, (Kin 136, Cib, Yellow Rhythmic Warrior) here to help! I have created my own set of 13 prompts that you are welcome to use and edit for your own usage! :)

13 Journaling prompts for your wavespell activation:

  1. What do you want to embody? (Magnetic)

  2. What is a limiting thought process you would like to overcome? (Lunar)

  3. What is one of your greatest strengths, namely where you shine? (Electric)

  4. What is currently your weakness, you'd like to build up? (Self- existing)

  5. Digging into your shadow, what small thing can you integrate today? (Overtone)

  6. Where are you most prosperous that you can share abundantly with the world? (Realize the gift) (Rhythmic)

  7. Where do you need support, that needs more voice? (Resonant)

  8. What cycles are shifting or completing in your life today? (Galactic)

  9. What are you at peace with that has completed or not at peace with? (Solar)

  10. What soul attribute can you manifest more into this reality? (Planetary)

  11. How can you challenge yourself and speak truth today? (Spectral)

  12. What reality are you creating that supports your goals? (Crystal)

  13. Deep reflection: how do you define transcendence and what Divinity feels like to embody? (Cosmic)

This is a relatively simple process, just journal! Some days will be easier than others, just stick with it for only 13 days! The Galactic New Year always starts July 26. From there, count 260 days + 1 day out of time, you will know the next time to seed your new intentions. 260 days is a complete Tzolkin. The other time for setting potent intentions is for your Personal Dreamspell, or the period of which your galactic birthday occurs. The Gregorian Calendar is 365.4, with a leap year every 4 years. This system essentially leaves us feeling like we are running out of time, so we have a leap year with an extra day at the of February, to catch up. In the 13 moon calendar, July 25 & Feb 29 are considered "Day out of time" are not included on the 13 moon calendar. Day out of time is considered a space of timelessness. It's a wonderful day for magic, rest and celebration of past achievements!

A few of my favorite resources I like:

If you need further assistance with this process, as always you can schedule a Galactic Signature session with me, I will be delighted to help you get situated so that you can align with your most prosperous synchronistic rhythms!

In Lak'ech!


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