• Topics include but not limited to:
  • Strengthening & activating the dream body
  • Lucid dreaming & Astral projection
  • Increasing dream recall
  • Shifting focal points of awareness
  • Shapeshifting & teleportation
  • Dream body doubling
  • Calling in different types of allies
  • Dream journeying 
  • and Many more...

Welcome Dream Magician...

Welcome to the magical world of dreams! Personally, I have been working on a this project for several years now and it has finally landed. So I present to you, my dream magic course. A method for becoming the conscious dreamer. Conscious dreaming allows you to shift from the passive dreamer to active dreamer so that you are able to build in the dreamtime and live your best life dreaming awake!

When you join the Dream Magic Group Community:
  • Unlimited access to the monthly teachings, education for dream magic.
  • Support for dream analysis
  • Zoom calls
  • Opportunities to Join Dream Journeys 
  • Community memberships is only $22 a month.
  • First Month is $11

What is a Dream Journey?

The Dream Magic group is a great space for learning theory. The Dream Journeys are an interactive space for application of learned techniques, with supporting resources to enhance the journey, each journey is limited to 8. Most importantly, we also learn how to Journey and align with the Moon phases.
What does it include:
  • A Dream magic journal
  • 1 -30 ml Dream Tincture
  • A Dream Pillow
  • 3 Zoom calls + a 1-1 call​
Each Journey is $88 with all materials are included.
If you already have purchased a dream magic tincture, each journey is only $33.
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