Please note all consultations, readings and healing sessions are now virtual via Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Fb messenger, Ig, etc. Please message me for other special arrangements.

Mentorship session

In need of assistance for developing a skill or tool for energetic healing, shamanic work, dream work, or psychic development. It is honor to be able to assist. Book a session today!


Comprehensive Healing Session (New Clients Start Here)

This is a Crystal Clearing which helps to creates space and to clear any unhealthy attachments, or blockages preventing you from moving forward on your journey. Approximately 60 -70 mins.


Full Crystal Clearing (clearing + reading)

Includes a clearing and reading. Long distance services are also available. Approximately 55-60 mins.

$133- varies

Half- session (clearing or reading)

This option is focused exclusively on energetic maintenance, Reiki, or spiritual coaching. Approximately 30-45 mins.


Galactic Signature Reading/ Mayan Oracle

Gain Deeper insight into your Galactic Signature. Understand the basic elements and how to apply it to your daily life.


Past Life Regression

Journey into your past life and learn how to clear blocks, bring about healing, and how it can empower you today.
It is recommended to schedule 3 sessions at a time, as each session builds upon each other. Buying 3 sessions upfront offers a $33 savings.bout? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...


Intensive Energy Detox (3-month plan)

Ready for BIG change? Quantum Leaps? This package includes: 6 crystal healing sessions, one-on-one meetings/calls once each week, 3-months of Detox/Custom Tea program, and Home/Office Clearing & Crystal Gridding. ( A Savings value of $345)


Home Blessing + Clearing

This session will include an initial consultation to determine the intention for your home, land, or space. Upon arrival at the space, I will incorporate the use of crystal energies, aromatic herbs, and intuition to nurture balance and restore the flow of energy as intended for your space or home.

$250 + Varied Based on Square Footage/bedrooms

Sacred Cacao Ceremonies + Meditations

Join Nina Simone of Crystal Sun Healing for a Sacred Cacao Medicine Ceremony ♥

Ceremonial groups can be 1 on 1, couples, small groups, families, or special occasions like weddings, bridal, wedding showers, baby showers, etc... Please contact for more details!

A Cacao Ceremony is essentially a marriage ceremony, as it harmonizes the masculine and feminine energies within the body. This heart-opening ceremony restores balance within the physical and subtle bodies, and as our hearts open, we become more aware of our innate treasures and gifts. 

Minimum of 9 participants required for booking for larger events.

$125 deposit

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It was a beautiful Day with my beloved Toltec Maestra/ Teacher, StariAri Ruiz

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A picture by the fire, after my first Toltec initiation.