Comprehensive Healing Session (New Clients Start Here)

This is a Crystal Clearing which helps to creates space and to clear any unhealthy attachments, or blockages preventing you from moving forward on your journey. Approximately 60 -70 mins.


Full Crystal Clearing (clearing + reading)

Includes a clearing and reading. Long distance services are also available. Approximately 55-60 mins.


Half- session (clearing or reading)

This option is focused exclusively on energetic maintenance, Reiki, or spiritual coaching. Approximately 30-45 mins.


Past Life Regression

Journey into your past life and learn how to clear blocks, bring about healing, and how it can empower you today.
It is recommended to schedule 3 sessions at a time, as each session builds upon each other. Buying 3 sessions upfront offers a $33 savings.bout? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...


Shamanic Medicine Walk (Local only)

A 1-on-1 experience, I will hold space for you while you are able to release or purge the heaviness on your heart and mind. Please understand that this is more than just a walk in the park. Channeled messages from spirit, energy work, plant medicine, instruments, and meditation & yoga are integrated as needed. The best part is I can come to nature, close to you 😊 within the Metro Atlanta and greater Metro area please.

$55 +

Cosmic Bath or intuitive consultation (online only)

Receive a cosmic bath for cleansing your auric field  or a 20 minute intuitive card reading....Tarot, Starseed, Angel, Mayan Oracle, or Galactic Signature. 


Intensive Energy Detox (3-month plan)

Ready for BIG change? Quantum Leaps? This package includes: 6 crystal healing sessions, one-on-one meetings/calls once each week, 3-months of Detox/Custom Tea program, and Home/Office Clearing & Crystal Gridding. ( A Savings value of $345)


Home Blessing + Clearing

This session will include an initial consultation to determine the intention for your home, land, or space. Upon arrival at the space, I will incorporate the use of crystal energies, aromatic herbs, and intuition to nurture balance and restore the flow of energy as intended for your space or home.

$250 + Varied Based on Square Footage/bedrooms

Sacred Cacao Ceremonies + Meditations

Join Nina Simone of Crystal Sun Healing for a Sacred Cacao Medicine Ceremony ♥

Ceremonial groups can be 1 on 1, couples, small groups, families, or special occasions like weddings, bridal, wedding showers, baby showers, etc... Please contact for more details!

A Cacao Ceremony is essentially a marriage ceremony, as it harmonizes the masculine and feminine energies within the body. This heart-opening ceremony restores balance within the physical and subtle bodies, and as our hearts open, we become more aware of our innate treasures and gifts. 

Minimum of 9 participants required for booking for larger events.

$65 deposit

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